Monday, March 30, 2015

Belgium: Belgian Arabs complain that Bart De Wever protects the Jews

Bart De Wever, the popular mayor of Antwerp and leader of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), criticised the behaviour of the Moroccans of  Berber origin who live in Antwerp.  Speaking on VRT TV Mr De Wever said that Antwerp's Berber community was a very clannish and distrusted authority.

Mr Bart De Wever said: "I will never deny that there is racism and it must be fought. But there are other problems involved. I have never seen a migrant from the Far East complain about discrimination at work; and this community has not a strong representation in criminal statistics. But we have a lot of difficulties in organizing social mobility for the city's Moroccan community. The Berber community of Antwerp represents 80% of the Moroccan community in the city. They are very closed, they have a distrust of authority, Islam is very little organized among and is very seusceptible to Salafist radicalization. Everybody needs to make an effort, particularly to look for work. Some use the argument of racism to justify personal failure and hope that all is forgiven. This will not do!"

Following the interview, a journalist at the Soir went to interview some Antwerp inhabitants of Moroccan descent.  Unsurprisingly who did they complain of, who immediately springs to their minds?  The Jews, naturally.  

Abdel commented: "His statements have reinforced my idea that De Wever is minded to protect the Jews". His table neighbour added: "De Wever is Jewish in terms of the economy ..."!

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