Monday, March 30, 2015

UK: The Spectator 'proves' that "Jews prove homosexuality isn't genetic"

What do Jews think about homosexuality and genetics?

Damian Thompson, associate editor of The Spectator, did a little investigation to find out.

Thompson did not talk to Jewish rabbis or scientists.   He did not conduct a scientific survey of the Jewish community.  Instead he ran a Google search, and found a site called Jews News.

Let’s just say that the science isn’t settled, not by a long chalk. What interested me was the source of MuslimVillage’s story: they’d copied it from Jews News, which in turn took it from, a hard-right American Christian website that is today telling us that the ashes of the Apostle John may have been found in a medieval fortress in Bulgaria.

Well, obviously, if one Jew who believes in something, that's enough to prove that all Jews think so.

Dr Whitehead’s ‘findings’ are being tossed around in a pool of counterknowledge, bogus information dressed up to look like fact. What I find fascinating about counterknowledge is that its raw material – conspiracy theories, urban myth, fake history and fake science – spreads from one marginalised community to another, even though those communities may despise each other. Conservative Muslims, Jews and Christians want to believe that homosexuality is environmental, because if it’s genetic that makes it difficult to justify their belief that it’s sinful. As soon as they find a study that reinforces their worldview, they jump on it, without asking too many questions about its methodology.

This is not journalism.  It's racism of the worst type, which you can easily find on the lowest-of-the-low extreme racist blogs.

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