Friday, March 20, 2015

Finland: Turku community says left-wing responsible for 75% of antisemitic harassment

Note that the Finnish left is attacking the Jewish community for the "Israel-US" alliance.  This isn't an issue of 'conflating' Jews/Israelis or Jews/Zionists.  It's 'Elders of Ziyon'-type antisemitism.

I've written in the past about the Left-winger Jewish-Western-banker conspiracy theory.

Via Turun Sanomat:

Tomer Huhtamaki, head of the Jewish Community of Turku, says that their main problem is left-wing antisemitism.

Islamic antisemitism is not even an issue, he says.  While in the 1990s the main problem was the right-wing skinheads, now it's the left-wing.  About a quarter of incidents come from the extreme right-wing, and the rest are from the extreme left-wing.  This includes vandalism and hostile messages, mostly related to the Middle east conflict and the Israel-US alliance.

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