Sunday, March 15, 2015

UK: SNP leader dismayed by antisemitism in Scotland

Source: Daphne Anson
Source: Daphne Anson
The Jewish Chronicle reports:

The level of antisemitic abuse in Scotland in the past year has been dismaying, a leading politician has said. 

The Scottish National Party’s Westminster leader, Angus Robertson, addressed the issue in a meeting with Jewish leaders. He said: "There has to be constant vigilance against intolerance of all kinds in our communities – and any growth in antisemitism is quite simply unacceptable."

His party would continue to support Holocaust education and reaffirmed the SNP’s commitment to protecting religious slaughter, he added. Mr Robertson said that while his party had concerns about Israel’s military action in Gaza, Scottish Jews’ worries about the disproportionate focus on Israel in the Scottish Parliament must be acknowledged.  More.
Edinburgh, Source: Daphne Anson

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