Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Germany: Berlin State Secretary thinks complaints of antisemitism are "utter nonsense"

A German Jewish leader recently warned Jews not to wear a kippah in Muslim neighborhoods.  A Muslim leader agreed Jewish fears are justified.  Meanwhile, Jewish kids are leaving public schools due to harassment.

So what does Bernd Krömer, Berlin State Secretary for Internal Affairs, think of the problem?  There isn't one:
This public discussion about 'no go' areas keeps coming up. I find this whole discussion utter nonsense. There are no 'no go' areas in Berlin. Jewish people are safe in all areas of Berlin.

I also don't see a huge rise in antisemitism here either. Sure, there is the occasional incident, but that's been the case for decades and I don't see any noticeable rise in their occurrences in recent years.

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