Tuesday, March 24, 2015

France: Comedian Elie Semoun complains of antisemitism

Le Monde Juif reports:

Popular comedian Elie Semoun, who worked together with Dieudonné for about seven years until their breakup in 1997. has complained of being the target of antisemitism.

Semoun told Le Parisien that there is an anxiety-inducing atmosphere due to antisemitism and terrorism.  He gets upset by abuse on Twitter and Facebook (kike, bloody Jew and much more). 

Semoun added that any Jew can be at the receiving end of wanton violence and that for the first time in his life he is being given the finger and insulted in the streets of Paris.

His turn around is symtomatic of how much the situation has changed.  In 2011 Semoun downplayed the level of antismitism He told RMC:

"Among the Jews there are those who are completely paranoid and want to get out of France because there are many Arabs! And all of a sudden when paranoia sets in, the Jews want to go to Israel or the United States to practice their religion! "

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