Thursday, March 26, 2015

European Jews: "The day that I'll be scared of showing who I am will be the day I leave"

I ran across two interviews with European Jews from two different sources, each repeating the same sentiment: The situation isn't so bad, and they wear their Judaism with pride.  But they say that if they can't walk around as Jews, they will leave.

Swedish Jew Micael Bindefeld writes in Aftonbladet of his pride in his Judaism.  He doesn't hide his Star of David pendant.

His article ends with these words: "I'm not afraid in Sweden now, but the day I will be, I won't hesitate.  I'll take my Star of David, pack my bags and leave."

In an interview to Deutsche Welle, a Jewish woman spoke about the importance of standing proud.

"Though I know it's less safe, but I know that the day that I'll have to be scared of showing who I am, it's the day I'll have to leave Germany".

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