Monday, March 30, 2015

UK: Nationalist site accuses Jews of bringing down GermanWings plane (and killing puppies)

National Liberation is a UK-based extreme right-wing organization run by Joshua Bonehill.   Bonehill was previously arrested for antisemitic harassment.

National Liberation believe the Jews control the world, that the GermanWings plane was brought down by the Mossad and that Jews kill little, cute puppies for Passover.

Oh, and they're fervent supporters of Palestine.

This is a reminder that such people do exist.  I could not make this up even if I tried.

I usually don't post about such sites because there are so many of them.  But maybe that is the wrong attitude.

Their Facebook page was already taken down.  Their Twitter accounts have thousands of followers (here and here).  Please complain and help shut them down too.

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