Sunday, March 29, 2015

Czech Republic: Man urinates on Holocaust memorial

Via Daily Mail (h/t Yiddish News):
Police say there is little that can be done against a man who made a Nazi salute while urinating on a memorial in a former concentration camp.
Photos of Zdenek Appl, 24, urinating next to the Star of David at the Theresienstad concentration, were handed to Czech police by a disgusted former friend.

But the force investigated have admitted it may be difficult to take legal action against Appl, as promoting Nazi ideology is not illegal in the Czech Republic like it is in neighbouring Germany or Austria. 
The pictures were taken Appl was visiting the former camp, situated in the north of the Czech Republic close to the German border with Jiri Larva, 25.

Jiri said he decided to hand the evidence over to the police after he was appalled by his former friend's action, who was allegedly drunk at the time.

Czech media has reported that Appl has a Nazi tattoo on his arm with the words 'Arbeit macht frei' - meaning 'work makes you free', the same chilling saying that was put above the entrance to Auschwitz and other concentration camps.

They also state that Appl runs a Facebook page full of arguments promoting Nazi ideology - he but later denied he believed in the far-right views.

After speaking with the media by telephone, Appl added that he is not a Naxi and said his tattoo had been removed since the pictures were taken.

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