Sunday, March 15, 2015

Denmark: Israelis are murderous terrorists redux

DR, Denmark's public broadcaster, remembered to post a drone clip of a fly-over a Gaza neighborhood.

We don't know which neighborhood.  I can only assume this is Shejaiya, a neighborhood which Hamas had turned into a military base from which to attack innocent Israeli civilians.

We don't know, because DR did not bother telling us the story behind these pictures.  They just put them out there for everybody to draw their own conclusions.

As expected, the comments are full of "Israel is a terrorist state" and "Israel is committing war crimes".  We don't really care who started this war, who wants to wipe out their neighbors, who is repeatedly testing out their rockets for the next war.  We see buildings that were bombed by Israel and we want Israel taken care of.

Then there's the actual antisemitic comments:
- Why aren't Jews expected to condemn what Israel is doing (as Muslims in Europe are expected to do when European Muslims commit attacks)
- The Jews have gone through a lot of  inhuman treatment during WWII, but I see this and feel hard to sympathize with them.

and pictures like these:

I did not review all the comments.  I have low tolerance for mass hate against me.

I don't expect DR to remove those antisemitic comments.  I don't see any other European media outlet bothering with such trivialities.

Remember, Danish Jews - we love you.  Denmark won't be the same without you!  But we see Gaza and we suddenly forget that we think you're just Danes like us.

h/t Rudi.

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