Tuesday, March 31, 2015

UK: Jewish Labour leader Ed Miliband told to gas his wife in an oven

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

Controversial TV personality Katie Hopkins has been accused of antisemitism, after suggesting Ed Miliband should gas his wife in an oven.  The jibe against the Labour leader – whose parents fled the Holocaust – and his wife, Justine, came after polling on the popularity of politicians’ wives.

Ms Hopkins, who has appeared on reality TV shows including Celebrity Big Brother and the Apprentice, tweeted: “Pollsters say Justine is the least popular of party wives.  “He (Mr Miliband) might stick her head in the oven and turn on the gas.”

Social media users called for her arrest after the slur against the Milibands.  Mr Miliband has repeatedly spoken of how his parents, Ralph Miliband and Marion Kozak, fled the Shoah in the 1940s.  More.

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