Monday, March 16, 2015

Sweden: Muslims harass mourners at Jewish cemetery

Via Israel Hayom:
Police in Malmo, Sweden, have issued an order to post officers near a Jewish cemetery during funerals following a series of incidents in which Muslim youths gathered in a nearby building and harassed mourners.

This week, the brother of deceased Jewish man stayed at the cemetery to guard the body. A group of youths tried to break into the building.

"This is a difficult situation for us," the man said. "Instead of mourning, we have to deal with harassment from outside. I am sorry that people are trying to scare us, and am even sadder that many times they succeed."

The police response:
"The situation is very sensitive, " the spokesperson said. "We are in constant dialogue with the Jewish community and trying to improve the situation so that members of the community feel safer." 

In the past two years, local police have received over 130 complaints about antisemitic harassment.  Number of indictments: zero.  Anybody think this case will be any different?

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