Monday, March 30, 2015

Norway: After banning kosher slaughter, gov't now wants to tax imported kosher meat

The government says they want Jews to stay in Norway, but it's hard to believe they really mean it.

Via Vårt Land (h/t  Norway, Israel and the Jews):

The Agricultural Ministry recently raised the tariffs on kosher meat imported into Norway.  Kosher slaughter is illegal in Norway and Jews who wish to eat kosher meat must import it from abroad, which already makes it very expensive.  Currently, a pound of kosher minced meat costs $11.  With the additional tariffs it would cost almost $20.

Following complaints, the ministry froze the tax-hike pending review.

Ervin Kohn, head of the Jewish community, wants the tariff to be scrapped.  He says there is no reason Jews should pay more in order to be Jewish in Norway.  In fact, he says the state should subsidize kosher meat, so that it would cost as much as regular meat.

Last year, when there was a shortage of pork ribs just before Christmas, the government cut the tariffs on imported pork. to allow Norwegians to enjoy their traditional Christmas meal.

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