Sunday, March 29, 2015

France: BDS writes that Jews owe everything to Hitler and are behind 9/11

Cool Israel reports that the Montpellier BDS wing, headed by Saadia Ben Fakha and Husein Abuzaid, posted this image of Mein Kampf on Facebook,.  It has now been taken down.  This goes to show how obsessed Europeans are by Jews, Israel, Zionism and are very keen on conspiracy theories.

Comment in very bad French: "What Hitler did to the Jews was done on purpose and designed to elicit sympathy for them and to give them all the rights, up to this day they tell the world about this Hitler story (Holocaust) everything they [the Jews] have they owe it to Hitler."

This could also be read:
- "The Nazis and the Zionists are two sides of the same coin, Zionism fits in to the millimeter with Nazism; they belong to the same school "
- "What Hitler did to the Jews was deliberate and premeditated for a specific purposebeing a tactic common to Jews, like the 9/11 big lie"
- "They sacrificed some Jews for what they have got today, Hitler took part in the colonization of Palestine, it was part of the plan"
- "The relationship of Hitler with the Rothschild family, this satanic Jewish family that owns all the land of Palestine, and one of the most powerful family in the world"
- And much more ...

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