Thursday, March 19, 2015

UK: Pro-Israel conference elicits torrent of antisemitic abuse

Jewish Chronicle reports:

Organisers of a pro-Israel conference say they are “shocked by the foul antisemitic abuse” people were leaving on their Facebook page.

The We Believe in Israel conference is due to take place in central London on March 22 and a post advertising the event online has been inundated with users leaving a “torrent of abuse”.  [...]

 Under a post promoting the event to Israel supporters, one user calling himself James Lisk wrote: “Holocaust. Biggest fabrication in history. And they get away with mass murder hiding behind the fact they are the persecuted Jews.  What a complete load if s*** - the only reason they haven't been wiped out is because half of the American defence secretaries are Jewish. They can't hide the lies forever. And then I hope those accountable will be brought to justice.”
Example of the abuse
One post, left in the name of Saleem Ahmed, said: “Scum bags dogs, dirty filthy b*****ds , I pray you Zionists pigs burn as long as the hell fire burns.  “You are the worst of the worst. Every Palestinian you have killed , I pray to Allah you Zionists pigs never get forgiven.”

Another, posted in the name of Damien McAnoy, simply said “child killers” while, another said: “Nazis did well to protect themselves too against the Jews but shame they didn't go all the way.” More.

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