Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Obama's antisemitism envoy warns of likelihood of "tragic incidents"in Europe

Jewish Chronicle:

Barack Obama's antisemitism envoy has warned of the likelihood of "tragic incidents" unless Europe does more to protect Jewish communities.

Ira Forman made the comments this week while visiting Sweden to assess the country's efforts to prevent attacks on Jews. In Malmö, the southern Swedish city that has acquired an international reputation for antisemitism, Mr Forman said: "I think people have good intentions, but I'm also concerned about what will happen two or three months from now. Without a commitment to increase security for Jewish communities around Europe, we're more likely to see tragic incidents."

Petra Kahn Nord, president of Sweden's Jewish Youth Association, said: "It's fantastic that the US pays so much attention to this. I get the feeling that our own politicians are not taking antisemitism as seriously."

Mr Forman said Malmö's leaders were not making excuses for Jew-hatred and had not attempted to blame the Jewish community. "That's a huge difference to the past," he added.

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