Thursday, August 6, 2015

UK: Times editor jokes that most paedophiles are Jewish or gay

Via PinkNews:
A senior gay editor at The Times, Dominic Kennedy, has apologised for causing offence after he tweeted that most well known paedophiles were “Jewish or gay” and should be identified “a system of triangles and stars”.

Outraged Jewish community leaders have blasted comments from Mr Kennedy – the paper’s investigations editor – who tweeted: “So many of the VIPs accused of being paedophiles are Jewish or gay.

“Maybe we could have a system to identify these people: triangles, stars…”


Mr Kennedy later took to Twitter to apologise, writing: “I apologise to anyone who has been upset by the message.

“I am a gay man and hate to see any witch-hunt or persecution of vulnerable minorities or individuals, alive or dead, who cannot answer back.”

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