Thursday, February 25, 2016

Belgium: Museum features antisemitic "Israel = ISIS" writer

In Europe today, there is no sanction for antisemitism, especially if it can be labeled as 'anti-Zionism'.

A Nazi who makes his views public will never be treated as anything other than a fanatic lunatic.  But if you say the exact same things about Israel, then it's just fine.

The Red Star Line museum is an museum in Antwerp dedicated to telling the story of the two million immigrants who passed through Antwerp on their way from Europe to North America.

They also put focus on the story of the current-day immigrants who come to Belgium.

The museum now features on its website an article written by Belgian-Moroccan Youssef Kobo about his trip to Morocco.

Youssef Kobo is also an antisemite.   For example, he posted this antisemitic cartoon last year.

Kobo added: "JSIL the crazy twinbrother of ISIS, aka the Jewish State in the Levant aka Israel"

The evil, murderous Jews, twins of Islamic State, carving up Gaza.   In Belgium, this type of talk is acceptable discourse. 

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