Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Germany: Anti-migrant movement grows violent, blames Jews

Via Jewish Press:
German Jewry is beginning to worry about anti-Semitism again, and according to a local source, it’s long past due time that they did.

In an exclusive interview with a peace activist from Germany, JewishPress.com learned this week that the threat to Jews in the country is rising steadily.

Right-wing extremists and neo-Nazi groups are increasing in popularity, albeit with their initial banner raised against the flood of refugees and migrants streaming into Germany from across Europe.

The activist, a German visitor to Israel, told JewishPress.com on condition of anonymity – is that a backlash is beginning among the German population which is starting to blame its “migrant population” on “the Jews.”


The source warned JewishPress.com: “Germans are extremely polite and most would never tell a Jew they are not welcome. But if you are blond and blue-eyed and are at a party on a Friday night, then after a few drinks it is a good idea to listen to what they are saying when they feel no Jews are around.”

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