Tuesday, February 23, 2016

UK: "We are feeling more and more unsafe"

The Guardian checks out antisemitism in Manchester.

Norma Turner, of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, answers the charges of antisemitism as follows: "They [The Jews] need to separate their Jewish faith from their politics."

By 'politics', she means the Jewish belief that they have a right to self-determination.

The interviewer does not pick up on it, and asks whether supporters of 'the cause' (ie, of wiping out Israel), might get confused.

Turner answers: No.  The people getting confused are the Zionists.

The Guardian journalist has no answer to that.  Apparently she agrees.

No wonder Jews in Manchester are feeling more and more unsafe. 

Maybe next time the Guardian does an antisemitism story they can actually ask the antisemites some hard questions, instead of letting them air their views and justify their hatred.

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