Friday, February 26, 2016

Norway: Journalist thinks Jews in Israel are colonizers and occupiers of Arab land

Fredrik Græsvik, proud to meet Jew hater Ismail Haniye

Fredrik Græsvik is a Norwegian journalist for TV2. In the past he demanded tat the pro-Israel MIFF site be banned, because they dared criticize his reports.

Like most other liberal progressives who deny Jews the right to self-determination, he does not like being called an antisemite.   Because he can support murdering Jews, and smile at a man who kills Jews, but calling him an antisemite is really beyond the pale. 

He's so unbiased, that he's going to be giving a lecture as part of Israel Apartheid Week,the week dedicated to wiping out Israel as a Jewish state.

Græsvik will be giving a lecture about his new book "Evig krig. Israel og Palestina"  (Eternal War, Israel and Palestine).  I'm sure he thinks it's an unbiased book about the conflict.

As the invitation to the lecture explains, Israeli Apartheid Week, being held at the University of Oslo campus, is part of a global campaign against 'Israeli apartheid'.   The most important means of achieving that is BDS.  BDS, it should be noted, is not aimed at establishing a Palestinian state at all, but at ending the "Israeli occupation and colonization of all Arab lands".

Norwegian journalist Fredrik Græsvik is an antisemite of the worst type who thinks Jews have no right to self-determination in their homeland and that Jews are colonialist and racists for living in their own homeland.

h/t Scandinavian Anti-semitism Watch

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