Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Germany: Left Party MP supports Palestinian Intifada

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine was established 47 years ago.  Among their greatest achievements was taking Israeli school-children hostage in the city of Ma'alot forty years ago and murdering 22 of them.

The German "Friends of the DFLP" group will be celebrating the DFLP's 47th birthday in Cologne under the banner "Solidarity with the Intifada in Palestine".

The Intifada in Palestine, it should be noted, means killing Jews in the street - men, women and children.

The guest list includes Annette Groth, an MP for the Left Party, as well as 'representatives from various parties'.

Annette Groth is the human rights policy officer for the Left Group, she is a member of the Committee for Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid, and she's an active member of the Free Gaza Movement.

In today's day and age, human rights activists can support terrorists who want to kill Jews, and that's no problem. 

The event is supported by the Palestinian Authority, and the Palestinian Ambassador to Germany is also an honored guest.

 h/t Honestly Concerned

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