Monday, February 22, 2016

France: Ex-aide to Jean-Marie Le Pen says ‘Zionists, Freemasons’ control French media

Via Times of Israel:
Elie Hatem, a political adviser to former French National Front party leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, accused “Zionists and Freemasons” of controlling “public opinion” and the media in France.

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Le Pen was removed from leading the party he founded in 2011, and the reins were taken by his daughter Marine.

“We know that Marine Le Pen got closer to some movements that control public opinion in France,” Hatem, a Maronite Christian of Lebanese descent, told Al Arabiya TV last week. A transcript of the interview was translated from Arabic by MEMRI.

“She did so in order to whitewash the National Front. These movement include Zionist movements and Freemasonry which control the press and the government in France,” Hatem said.

The Al Arabiya interviewer interrupted Hatem, saying it was up to the French authorities responsible for the media to answer the allegations.

Hatem replied: “Even some Zionists say so, this is well known in France, that is why everybody is afraid to talk about this. This is a sort of dictatorship.”

Hatem said he was a member of the French national movement L’action Francaise, “a royalist movement founded by Charles Maurras.”
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