Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Norway: Jewish student faces harassment, school ignores it

Via Aftenposten (h/t Scandinavian Anti-Semitism Watch)

A Jewish student in Oslo says he was subjected to continuous antisemitic harassment by classmates.

The student started a new high-school in the fall of 2014.  The harassment started when his classmates found out he was Jewish.  They made the Nazi salute at him and said things like "your nose is getting bigger" or held an ashtray in front of him and said "this is what your people look like".  In the shower he was told "Norwegian children get water here, but you get gas". 

One fellow student wrote on Facebook "It's a shame that Hitler didn't finish the job".  Though in this case the message wasn't aimed at him, as nobody knew yet that he was Jewish.

The student complained to the school, and later turned to the country and complained that the school wasn't handling the case properly.  Last year the country decided that the school broke the law as it did not take reports from the student and his parents seriously.

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