Wednesday, February 24, 2016

UK: Pro-Palestinian accuses Israelis of organ harvesting from Palestinian terrorists

At the 'Israeli Apartheid Week' lecture at SOA, a pro-Palestinian activist accused Israel of murdering innocent Palestinians, harvesting their organs and then pretending they were killed because they were terrorists.

Spreading blood libels in SOAS
Yesterday was the beginning of Israeli Apartheid Week, their annual hate fest launched with 4 keynote speakers telling lie after lie to a packed auditorium at SOAS university. Disgustingly Sahar Francis used this platform to spread a blood libel that Israel was harvesting the organs of dead Palestinians.We are appalled that in this era a British university can legitimately be used as platform to spread one of the oldest forms of antisemitism... the blood libel.We would also like to thank the 20 brave students and British friends of Israel that attended the event to counter the BDS lies.
Posted by Israel Advocacy Movement on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

See also Via Richard Millet's Blog:
Last night SOAS lecturer Rafeef Ziadah hosted SOAS’ first “Israel Apartheid Week” panel event in front of 300 students and it wasn’t long before the sickening propaganda started flying.

Sahar Francis of Addameer, a prisoner support group, said that Palestinian hunger striker Islam Hamed was threatened with rape by his guards and that Israel’s prison authorities hoped he would die so the courts would implement a “forced feeding bill”.

She continued that Israel has been rumoured to harvest organs from its own car accident victims and from dead Palestinians. However, she said, she couldn’t confirm this (search Israel Advocacy Movement on Facebook to see the video of Francis).
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Update: Specific accusations. 

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