Tuesday, February 16, 2016

UK: 'Anti-Semitic' Oxford University left-wingers are as bad as Pegida, says Labour MP

Via The Sun:
A SENIOR Labour MP has compared Oxford University left-wingers to far-right Pegida supporters after they were accused of anti-Semitism.


Blasting the warring Oxford Labour students, John Mann MP said: “The use of the term Zio as an abuse by some Oxford so-called left-wingers is comparable to the language of Pegida zealots.

“Overt anti-Semitism rife amongst certain elements at Oxford University. These casual racists need to be directly challenged and more.”

Pegida is an anti-Islamist umbrella group for the far right in Germany which has held demonstrations against immigration and asylum seekers. The group has been accused of inciting violence and has attracted support from hooligans and neo-Nazis.
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