Monday, February 29, 2016

UK: Pro-Palestinian students perform 'antisemitic' play as part of Israel Apartheid Week

Via The JC:
A pro-Palestinian student group co-run by the son of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, has performed a play widely described as antisemitic as part of Israel Apartheid Week.

York University’s student Palestinian Solidarity Society staged two productions of "Seven Jewish Children - A Play for Palestine" on Thursday afternoon.

Tommy Corbyn, who is studying electrical engineering at York, is the society’s events manager.

The play, written by Caryl Churchill as a response to an Israeli attack on Gaza, was first performed in 2009. In seven short scenes, totalling only 10 minutes, it examines modern Jewish history.

The JC’s theatre critic described the work as antisemitic, highlighting a moment when one Jewish character appears to be glorifying in Palestinian suffering.

Author Howard Jacobson described it as “Jew-hating, pure and simple”.

The play at York was a joint production by the Palestinian Solidarity Society and another group, the Antigone Collective.
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