Thursday, February 18, 2016

UK: Ex-Labour politician thinks Jews are making up antisemitism allegations, Israel's actions justify attacks on British Jews

Chris Williamson was the Labour MP for Derby North until last year.   In response to a tweet by Labour MP Ian Austin, asking the Labour party to deal  with the antisemitism allegations against the Oxford University Labour Club, he tweeted back that he hopes "they won't find any such evidence" and a a clip of Israeli soldier aggression against Palestinians.

Let's repeat this: Chris Williamson, a former Labour MP, hopes that Jewish students who say they're being continuously harassed will continue to suffer.  He thinks that Israeli actions justify antisemitism in the UK.

When a Muslim woman is harassed in London, would any Labour party politician in his right mind tweet a "did you see that latest terror attack in Pakistan" clip?   

Of course not.  That would be ridiculous.  It would be racist and Islamophobic and show their support for harassing Muslims in the UK.

Focusing on Oxford makes it seem as though there's a local problem in that one club.  There isn't.  The Labour party has a serious problem with antisemitism.   It's time to deal with it.

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