Monday, April 6, 2015

Austria: Hamas organizations protest for destruction of Israel

Last week there was a lot of focus on a group of Bosnian fans who joined a pro-Palestinian street event in Vienna and started shouting "kill the Jews".

The pro-Palestinian event itself did not make any headlines at all.  Because in 2015 Austria it's apparently quite acceptable to hold anti-Semitic events calling for the destruction of Israel.

The event, which commemorated "Land Day", was organized by the following groups:

  • Koordinationsforum zur Unterstützung Palästinas (KFUP, Coordination Forum for the support of Palestine)
  • Dar al-Janub  - a pro-Hamas NGO, which also is part of the BDS-movement
  • Palästinensische Jugend Österreich (PJÖ, Palestinian Youth of Austria) - unofficial youth wing of KFUP
  • Frauen in Schwarz (Women in black)
  • Palästinensische Frauen in Österreich (Palestinian Women in Austria)

KFUP is a Hamas-Front organisation in Austria. Its leader is Adel Abdallah Doghman. It is the successor organisation of the Palästinensische Vereinigung in Österreich (PVÖ – Palestinian Association in Austria), which was designated by the US in 2003 as terrorist organisation. Doghman serves also as General-secretary of the Konferenz der Palästinenser in in Europa (Conference of the Palestinians in Europe), a major Hamas-Front organisation in Europe, with is tied to the Palestinian Return Center in Great Britain and organizes international Hamas-events in Europe. KFUP in engaged in organizing Anti-Israel rallies in Austria, collecting money for “Palestinians”, indoctrination of youth and international Hamas-events in Austria. 

More important the KFUP is deeply embedded in the Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft in Österreich (IGGiÖ - Islamic Denomination in Austria), the legal body of Islamic organisations in Austria, which is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, AKP and Turkish extremist organisations. All major Anti-Israel events in Austria are organized by the IGGiÖ.

In summer 2014 the same groups held a flash-mob in Vienna where activists were posing as IDF soldiers, with David Magen armbands executing civilians and children on purpose.

KFUP has also strong ties to the Gesellschaft für Österreichisch-Arabische Beziehungen (Society for Austrian-Arab relations), which has strong ties to Austrian politicians.

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