Monday, April 6, 2015

Norway: Labour Party politician compares Israel to Nazis, Islamic State

h/t the SAW group.

The following are some of the posts made by Ole Ingvald Hansen, a member of the Hammerfest council representing the Labour Party (Ap).  He is also one of the 'Palestine ambassadors' for the Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees.  Because no Norwegian trade union is complete without its very own Palestine ambassador corps.

As you can see below, his posts freely compare Israel to Nazis and the Islamic State, and show support for terrorist groups like Hamas.

For the Norwegian Labour Party, this is apparently not shocking or outstanding.  

1.  A cross integrating a Nazi swastika into the name of Israel, US

2. Many Israelis have shown in this year's election that war-crimes and breaking UN conventions are just fine.  Just like they also did in Germany a while back...

3. Hamas are extreme in many areas, but overall it's unclear if they're more extreme than MIFF [Norway's pro-Israel group].  The difference is that Hamas defend freedom-fighting, while MIFF defend attacks, occupation and murder by an occupier against the local population.

4. In response to an article about an Israeli Muslim calling to destroy Hamas and Fatah: Propaganda, in Norway this kind of people got a name: quislings.

4. Comparative chart of Israel vs. Islamic State, portraying Israel as European-colonialists using Judaism as an excuse to terrorize the indigenous inhabitants.

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