Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Russia: Anti-Semitic journalist comes up wtih Israeli vegetables conspiracy theory

Via IzRus:

Following Arab riots on the Temple Mount, anti-Semitic journalist Maxim Shevchenko wrote on his Facebook page that "the insult of al-Aqsa and by extension Russia- a country where there are tens of millions of Muslims- has become the norm of racist Israeli policie"/

He also pointed out that Uri Ariel, Israel's Agriculture Minister, who entered the Temple Mount, is responsible for filling up Russia with genetically-modified rubbish grown in the occupied territories.

And then whe ent on to attack Putin, who allows such things.  Europe doesn't allow to import such produce, the Indians rebelled against the British for far less, but Russia is apparently a kind of colony.

Background on Shevchenko: Journalist accuses Crimea of committing 'Zionist crimes''Palestinians waging holy war against world evil'

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