Wednesday, August 5, 2015

UK: Jews threatened, harassed in two antisemitic incidents

Via Artuz 7:
Police in the Hackney quarter of London are investigating an attack against a hareidi Jew that took place last week. One suspect has been arrested in the incident.

The Jewish resident of the quarter was attacked as he walked home from the neighborhood synagogue. He came across an individual who began calling him anti-Semitic names, and threatened to harm him. Quickly, the victim of the attack summoned for assistance, and police arrived within minutes, rescuing him from the thug who was still threatening him with physical harm.

This is the second such attack in a month in the neighborhood. Last month, two religious Jews were “treated” to a raft of curses and epithets as they attended a funeral. The two were threatened with broken necks, with the thug promising to “rub them out.”  more

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