Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Belgium: "Palestine" tags on a Brussels road tunnel

As the Guardian pointed out in 2014, Brussels has the worst traffic jams in Europe.  Things have got even worse because the road tunnels that criss-cross the city are old, poorly maintained, and in such a bad condition they pose a serious risk - one has been closed.

And the situation is getting increasingly worse.  The Belgian state TV RTBF reported last night that there are also problems with the Pacheco tunnel.  What is interesting is that even when you drive in Brussels you cannot escape being bombarded with pro-Palestinian propaganda - which has become an obsessive issue also with the society at large.  The report showed a portion of the tunnel wall where at least two pro-Palestine tags feature.  The one on the left reads "Palestine represented" (no doubt a wordplay: Pacheco - Palestine - both pronounced ʃ) in black and the one on the right "Palestine" in red.

Screenshot RTBF - 16 minutes into the video.

Like it or not;  You just can't escape it...  If you are stuck in a traffic jam in the capital of Europe, you know what you can expect in terms of propaganda.

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