Monday, February 1, 2016

Czech Republic: Jews are blamed for both “Islamization” and “Islamophobia”

Moreover, neo-Nazis have very ambivalent feelings about Islam. On the one hand, they do feel some admiration for the authenticity of the Muslim culture, its family values, opposition to Israel and to what they see as Western consumerism.[iii] On the other hand, the very same value of authenticity becomes a problem, once a non-Aryan Muslim crosses the European border. Vice chairman of the neo-Nazi Workers’ Party put it clearly that his movement “does reject the organized mass migration to Europe, not out of hatred against anything Islamic, but out of fears about the preservation of our own identity.”[iv] Another, non neo-Nazi yet antisemitic, voice was even more explicit: “Islam is not a problem on a territory connected with Islam, it is a problem only on our territory.”[v]
The antisemitic far-right explains the Muslim refugee influx as an “organized import” planned by the almighty New World Order, which can be further elaborated as either American conspiracy or Jewish conspiracy. The Jews are depicted as directly responsible for the migration wave either by causing the war in Syria and Iraq, by creating ISIS, or by organizing the import of migrants to Europe for purposes or motives on which the antisemitic scene has not yet managed to agree upon. Videos of brutal decapitations by ISIS are considered fakes filmed somewhere in the Californian desert.[vi] Immigration is described as a “strategic weapon“[vii] of the American Jewish NGOs and as for the ISIS itself, it is considered to be “a project of a secret group of Obama’s advisors”.[viii]

The alleged conspirators are said to be led by two main goals: 1. To destroy European racial identity and, 2. To invoke more support for Israel. Leaders of the antisemitic movements talk about a systematic plan to “destroy White Europe”, allegedly hatched “a century ago”.[ix] The neo-Nazi website Svobodný odpor, wrote about the refugee wave: “It is nothing accidental. It is a long prepared operation with an aim to liquidate Christianity, to liquidate nation state, to liquidate nations and to create a single European nation. The Mordor was thinking for a long time, how to do it, to make the whites give up their states and nations and start considering themselves only Europeans.”[x] The Czech antisemites follow and translate foreign voices that speak in a similar fashion, including David Duke’s claims that the State of Israel wishes to dissolve European identity through forced migration.[xi] Among these popular foreign voices, one can find Russian neo-Nazi intellectual Valeriy Piyakin, who is not afraid to go back thousands of years in history to explain the sources of the alleged Jewish conspiracy to destroy Christianity through migration.[xii]

In the end, the Jews are being blamed for both “Islamization” (by allegedly inciting the migration to Europe) and “Islamophobia” (by allegedly misusing the anti-Muslim rhetoric to invoke support for Israel). And again, it is not about the Jews themselves – it is about antisemitism as a tool of totalitarian political propaganda. One might look at the Refugee Crisis as just another human catastrophe for which the Jews are being blamed. Immigration is the pretext, Western democracies are the target, Jews are to become the scapegoats. We have spent a lot of time recently talking the “new antisemitism”, but let us not consider the “old” one to be dead. This “old” antisemitism of Protocols and Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theories lives on and begs our attention again.

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