Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Switzerland: Islamists, left-wing and right-wing extremists are united by their hatred of Jews

Via Tagesanzeiger (h/t Honestly Concerned):

Daniel Rickenbacher , researcher of extremism, says the Jewish community of Zurich is not overreacting when it invests in bulletproof glass, guards and barriers around the Jewish institutions.  The current investment is barely adequate, he says, and th financial burden is soldiered solely by the Jewish community.

Islamists, left-wing and right-wing extremists are united by their hatred of Jews.  In the 1950s and 1960s, antisemitism was mostly right-wing.  Starting in the late 60s, it became increasingly acceptable in leftist circles.  Neo-Nazis were still a strong presence in the 1990s, but their significance has declined since.  The greatest threat is today is from Islamist circles.

Sometimes there are unholy alliances, for example, when leftists and Islamists organize joint pro-Palestinian demonstrations.  That's a phenomenon that occurs throughout Europe.  A typical example is the Respect Party in Britain which was founded by the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.  They are united by seeing Jews an the West as an enemy, or by an antisemitic anti-capitalism where they see Jews as super-capitalists.

Neo-Nazis also ally with antisemitic Muslims.  For example, Ahmed Huber, a Swiss Holocaust denier, had converted to Islam.  Right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists also love Iran, which is revered as anti-Western and anti-Jewish force.  But such alliances usually fail when the right-wing extremists are faced with Muslim immigration.

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