Tuesday, February 2, 2016

UK: Unapologetic supporter of Palestinian terror honored by City of London

Via Elder of  Ziyon:

From BBC:
Two men who were sentenced to life imprisonment alongside Nelson Mandela in South Africa have received the Freedom of the City of London.

Ahmed "Kathy" Kathrada and Denis Goldberg were both jailed because of their activities during the Apartheid period.

Lord Mayor Jeffrey Mountevans said the honour was a "tribute to the noble and fearless fortitude" of the men.

They received the accolade with their defence team at the Guildhall.

The City of London said the men were awarded in recognition of their fight for freedom and racial equality.
Ahmed Kathrada is an unapologetic supporter of Palestinian terrorism, as this 2014 excerpt from BBC's Hardtalk shows:

Speaking in the context of bus bombings and the terror crimes of Marwan Barghouti, Kathrada says that if the Palestinian leaders (which presumably includes Hamas as well as Fatah,) "If they, in their wisdom, resort to violence,  as the only method, I'll support them. ...My support is wholehearted."

Kathrada also says that, in all the years of Palestinian terror, he has not seen a single thing to criticize them about.

This is what is considered a hero by the world nowadays.

(h/t SpotlightingSA)

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