Friday, August 7, 2015

UK: EE network censors and blocks pro-Israel sites - no restriction on vicious anti-Israel sites

Edgar Davisdon writes:

I have discovered that the EE network in the UK is censoring pro-Israel websites and blogs, including my own. If you are using 3G or 4G on your mobile phone with the default settings and try to connect to such a website you get the Content Lock screen above warning that the site is not suitable for people under 18. Only by providing a credit card or changing your account settings can you get round this.

Just in case anybody thinks this has nothing to do with Israel or antisemitism please note the following:

While my pro-Israel blog is blocked, my 'twin alternative' Free Palestine Now  blog  - which has exactly the same owner and account -  is not blocked. Although it has managed to fool plenty of antisemites and anti-Israel fanatics (including, incidentally, many from the Palestine Solidarity Committee) Free Palestine Now is actually a satirical blog that pumps out ludicrous antisemitic conspiracy theories and Israel hatred in the spirit of 'real' anti-Israel websites. EE certainly do not know it is a spoof (they would censor it otherwise) - it is presumably classified as either 'pro-Palestine' or 'anti-Israel' which is OK in their eyes. I could find not a single anti-Israel site (no matter how inflammatory, including things like Electronic Intifada and all the sites dedicated to the boycott and demonisation of Israel) that was censored by EE.

Yet, other popular pro-Israel sites that are censored by EE include:

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