Friday, February 5, 2016

Russia: Opponents of Chabad synagogue say movement is anti-Christian, funding war in Ukraine

Via IzRus, Kantor Center:

A planned Chabad synagogue/cultural center is meeting protest in the city of Perm.

On January 31st, protesters greeted the Chief Rabbi of Russia and the local governor when they visited the site.

A local news site described Chabad as a radical Jewish group, 'Jewish Wahhabis', who are characterized by an anti-Christian stance and racial view of Judaism.  It also claims that Chabbad plays a significant role in getting billionaire Igor Kolomoisky to find the war in the Ukraine.

This past October, an antisemitic site published an article claiming that Chabad are trying to take over Perm just like they did in the Ukraine, that they hate Jesus and that their hands are "stained with Russian blood".

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