Friday, February 5, 2016

Sweden: Ongoing anti-Israel campaign has made it very difficult for Jews to live in the country

Dow Marmur @ The Star (h/t Honestly Concerned):
Take Sweden as an example. By all accounts it has no reason to be hostile to Israel, yet recent pronouncements by its government, particularly its foreign minister, that single out the Jewish state for condemnation because it defends itself against deadly terrorist attacks while seemingly tolerating similar actions by other states, have made it very difficult for Jews to live in Sweden.
Its anti-Israel campaign seems to have less to do with what’s happening in the Middle East and more with what’s happening in Sweden itself. Its government is said to want to make sure that its growing Muslim population, including the new immigrants, will support the party in power. A pathetic but apparently effective way to woo them is to express hostility to Israel. This, therefore, may be the real reason why what looks like Sweden’s foreign policy is really no more than local scheming that uses local Jews as scapegoats.

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